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Welcome !

I am pleased to offer you 2 places to stay:    

🍀‘la maison de Manou’: A charming independent guest house.

🍀‘la chambre d'hôtes de Manou’ : A Guestroom in the main house.

Let me introduce myself and tell you a little about how this guesthouse and this guestroom came about.

My name is Séverine.

My two children and I decided seven years ago that we wanted to create a place that would become our “family home”.

Our search for such a place focused on Normandy, a delightful region offering a relaxed

way of life while also being close to Paris.


We fell in love with an old timbered farmhouse along with its magnificent garden. 

An authentic Normand home, where we can spend our weekends surrounded by

family and friends.

We had found our little corner of paradise!


Two wonderful grandchildren have arrived since then, who bring me absolute joy

and call me “Manou” .

So, quite naturally, our home took on the name of  Manou's house or in french ”La Maison de Manou".


Having spent many hectic years working in advertising in Paris, I have now opted

to live in Normandy full-time so that I can be more in touch with my core values

and closer to nature.


I therefore decided to create a guesthouse by converting an old barn that is independent

of the main farmhouse, which means you can truly be at home.

Alternatively I also created “Manou’s guestroom” located  on the ground floor of the main house. This room is completely separate from La Maison de Manou  guesthouse .

Our whole approach to both of these spaces, has been driven by a sense of eco-responsibility and a desire to create a very stylish but authentic ambiance, always with your comfort and convenience in mind.

Winter and summer alike, I wanted everything to be laid out perfectly for you to fully enjoy your getaway over the course of a weekend, or even longer if you like.


I continue to explore and discover more about this beautiful region of Normandy all the

time and have therefore been able to draw up a list of recommendations for you, including places to visit, walking paths, some great restaurants, information about market,

flea market days in the area, and various other activities that will help you immerse

yourself in our beautiful region.

Normandy has so much to offer - a rich history, wonderful places, pure nature and

stunning scenery.

I am sure that you, in turn, will be able to tell me about all the little gems you are

bound to discover during your time touring the region!

I am delighted today to be able to offer you this little corner of nature, peace and tranquillity.


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